Spring Fever

I want to fall in love,
kiss in the moonlight,
paint the sky red. I want you
to write me a love poem.

About Sarah Cosgrove

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7 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Mattie Jane says:

    I love how simple this is. It’s a wonderful way to just state the truth, no hiding it behind metaphors or other devices. Sometimes that’s the best way to get the point across 🙂 Beautiful.

    • It is simply put about asking the universe for my desire today to be ‘in love’, which is so different than ‘love’, regardless of the outcome. Peace and love. Sarah

      • Mary Jane Cosgrove says:

        Sarah, From the time you were born,you have.been in touch with your feelings and have been ble to share them with me.And now,you have two men in your life to share them with. I am so. Happy that you do. You are a light in my life, and my first miracle!

  2. I love it! It’s very dreamy. I love the simplicity!!!! Very Beautiful!

  3. t.p.scanlon says:

    Hi Sarah, I hope ur well. I loved reading your poetry & blog. Very inspiring stuff. Just beautiful. You have such a brave & naked heart. Thanks for sharing. Peace to you my friend. Thought this might make u 🙂

    Scampering like sugarplums
    Your poems paint the scarlet dawn
    They skip like children’s feet across the Christmas morn

    Providing providence
    They thrill me with their innocence

    Your words are honest, raw & true
    They scratch beneath my scars & make me wish on stars for you

    I wish you get everything you want and more
    I wish a suitor like the spring that brings perfume & flowers to your door

    I wish the moon had silver lips
    The Sun a molten heart

    They both should kiss you for your art

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