When I am alone

The days blur, one
into the next
no beginning, middle or end.
I wait for the moments
between the comings
and goings. There
in the quiet of my day
I can see my dreams.
I smell the ocean
and feel the waves crashing
against my legs, pushing
me ever so slightly off balance.
I close my eyes and listen
to the sound of the seagulls.


About Sarah Cosgrove

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3 Responses to When I am alone

  1. Lisa says:

    and after all that, still whole of a heart

  2. kaygravell says:


    I found your blog through your visit to mine http://breastlesslandscape.com It so inspiring to find someone else dealing with their experience of cancer through the arts – poetry and photography. I love your writing and your photos. I can really relate to this poem of feeling invaded by medical procedures.

    I wrote this the other night. My experience of having breast cancer and undergoing medical treatment left me feeling as if my body no longer belonged to me. It had become a site for other people’s work, for experts to do things to it. My breasts had been squashed flat in mammograms, had holes punched in them for biopsies, been smeared with cold lotion and scanned, been felt, prodded and squeezed, been imaged by MRI, been talked about and finally one breast was gradually cut away in three operation, starting with my nipple and ending with a full mastectomy. After each operation I was left with a new body shape as my breast was gradually cut away. After each surgery I was left with new bruises, swelling and scar and more baffling discussion about pathology results and the lack of clear margins.

    I look forward to following your blog.



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