Post Bilateral Mastectomy Day 13.

Post Bilateral Mastectomy Day 13.

Three drains removed, one drain to go. One day at a time.

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8 Responses to Post Bilateral Mastectomy Day 13.

  1. I know you feel relief from dropping three drains. Congrats on that – just one more to go !

  2. kaygravell says:

    Hang in Sarah it gets better.Three years after my mastectomy I have finally worked through a lot of my grief. like you I find using art really helpful. Kay x

  3. Haidy Jensen says:

    Today is day 14 since my bilateral mastectomy & axillary node dissection…2 drains left, ready to be drain free! Keep smiling

    • I am drain free. Bilateral mastectomy June 12th. One drain was left in for three weeks. Still having fluid removed when I get implants filled. Another appointment tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes. All the best. xoxoxo Sarah

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