When leaving turns into loving 

My Dad moved out of our home when I was 12. I remember the day he left like it was yesterday: the red cap on his head, a recent Christmas gift from my sister Maria; the sound of the heavy front door closing on the last day he would live with us; the loss I felt immediately; the awareness that my life, our lives, were never going to be the same after the door closed. I can still hear the door and feel the pain today. Life, as I had known it, was gone for good. I ran into the middle bedroom, buried my head, face down into the covers, and cried. I remember saying over and over in my head, “How could he do this to me?”
Life would imitate life many years later, when my then-fiancée left me. He was supposed to meet me after work, but instead parked my car in the parking lot of the mall where I was working, with a note and my car key under the seat. It was a really badly written note, where he likened himself “to a cockroach…how they scurry away when the light goes on.”I was in shock that he would do such a thing. I drove back to my apartment to find all of his belongings gone. To this day, I can’t figure out what is worse: the way my ex-fiancée left me, or the fact that I was in love with such a bad writer. My life came full circle that weekend. I called my Dad after I got back to my apartment and he immediately got into his car and drove 60 miles to be there for me. He and I spent all night at a local Denny’s where my emotions swung from laughing to crying and back to laughing again. It was a night that I’ll never forget, thanks to my Dad.

About Sarah Cosgrove

actor & playwright
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2 Responses to When leaving turns into loving 

  1. Baydreamer says:

    Wow, this brought tears, but I’m sure many can relate…♥

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